Groovin' the Cosmos with Memes!

Worm Jim Coin ain't your average space-faring currency. We're a fully decentralized, zero-emission, and totally righteous community-driven token ready to rock the meme-o-sphere and save the environment while we're at it!
Shiba who? Worm Jim's gonna reignite the meme scene with a supersonic boom!


About This Groovy JIM Coin

Forget those space hounds chasin' after every other meme coin! Dogecoin? Shiba Inu? Been there, done that. Worm Jim Coin ain't about following the pack, it's about blazing a trail of light that leads straight to your wallet!

We're a fully decentralized, zero-emission, and totally righteous community-driven token that's here to turn the whole "get rich quick" meme on its head. We're talkin' buildin' real wealth with the power of our strong community! We're supportin' the coolest space entrepreneurs and the good causes that make this whole darn galaxy a place worth investin' in.

Remember what the wise Elon once said? "Who controls the memes, controls the Universe"? Well, with Worm Jim Coin, we're gonna make the cosmos richer, one hilarious meme at a time! We're talkin' about real coin that grows with every laugh, every shared jpeg, every time you hodl onto your Worm Jim Coin. This ain't some fleeting fad, this is about building a future that's prosperous for everyone!

Tokenomics & Stats

  • 50% Presale
  • 26% Liquidity
  • 10% Marketing
  • 10% CEX
  • 4% Airdrop

What Makes Worm Jim Coin So Groovy?

  • Hold onto your head tentacles, space cadet! We've got a whole lotta groovy features:
  • Worm Jim Coin rides the righteous waves of the Binance Smart Chain. We're settin' up a Carbon Neutral Economy, with sustainable crypto-development to keep that nasty carbon footprint to a minimum.

  • Worm Jim Coin ain't some stuffy corporation gig. We're a non-profit organization run by the coolest space cowboys and cowgirls this side of Andromeda! Our power comes from our incredible community, and we're gonna spread the word with the power of memes and good ol' fashioned laughter for a greener galaxy!

  • The Worm Jim Coin community set aside 8% of its stash to support eco-celebrity heroes back in the day. While we're still committed to that mission, gettin' our name out there is super important too. So, any unclaimed coin will be used to blast off to new exchanges and spread the green revolution!

  • Our contract's been renounced, meanin' it can't be changed – immutable, baby! There's no team tokens, and our fair launch happened way back when – we're talkin' old-school cool!

    But what really sets us apart is our frictionless yield generation system with an automatic token burnin' protocol. Every transaction is a funky groove, with a 4% fee that gets redistributed like this:

    • Up to 4% goes back to our awesome holders, rewardin' them for hangin' on tight to their Worm Jim Coin.
    • Up to 4% gets burned, makin' the total supply tighter than a superhero's jumpsuit – that means more value for you, space cowboy!

    Both percentages can change, but one thing's for sure: A + B will always equal 4! With this slick protocol, you'll be earnin' Worm Jim Coin just by holdin' on, all while benefitin' from a deflationary pressure that sends the value of your coin sky high!

    Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride!


  • Fair launch

    LP allocation locked for environmental activists. No team tokens

    Fair launch
  • Transparency

    Ownership renounced, liquidity locked

  • Decentralization and adoption

    Community-driven by volunteers, decentralized

    Decentralization and adoption
  • JIM-Fi

    Farm JIM on Pancakeswap or stake

  • Token Burn & Buybacks

    Buybacks and token burns executed to enhance value and scarcity

    Token Burn & Buybacks
  • Deflationary

    Fees generated from transactions are redistributed to hodlers, leading to passive earnings over time thanks to the unique JIM protocol


How To Buy

  • Create a Wallet

    Create a Wallet

    Download Metamask or any preferred wallet for free. If using a desktop browser, download the Metamask extension on Firefox or Google Chrome at metamask.io

  • Get some BNB

    Get some BNB

    Buy BNB from Binance or any preferred exchange. You can also buy it directly on Metamask or transfer from any wallet to yours

  • Go to Pancakeswap

    Go to Pinksale

    On your mobile or desktop browser, connect to Pinksale and connect your wallet. To buy the presale, insert the amount of BNB that you want to use to buy in the “Amount” section. The corresponding amount of presale tokens will be calculated automatically below the BNB amount. Finally, click on the “Buy” button.

  • Switch BNB for $JIM

    Confirm the transaction

    MetaMask will now ask you to confirm the transaction. It will also show you the fee that you are required to pay for that transaction. If you agree, then click on the “Confirm” button to finish the process.
    After buying, you will see the changes in the “Amount” and “You purchased” sections.



JIM Rebirth Roadmap

phase 1

  • >50k holders
  • >60k followers on Twitter
  • Farming resumes
  • Become the talk of the town on Twitter

phase 2

  • > 60k holders
  • > 100k followers on Twitter
  • Partnerships
  • New Listing on CEXs
  • Kingdown of memes

phase 3

  • > 80k holders
  • > 150k followers on Twitter
  • JIM Merchandise
  • JIM-Fi v2
  • JIM Tools
  • Ultramemetic power

phase 4

  • >500k holders
  • >1M followers on Twitter
  • Launch of JIM Moon Mission
  • Doge who? Shib who? JIM to the moon!
  • Lambos for everyone
  • Replace all fiat currency with JIM


  • Sometimes, buyin' or sellin' on PancakeSwap can be a bit of a hassle. Here's the fix:
    - Slide that Slippage Tolerance above 12%.
    - Buy and sell whole numbers – ditch those last digits and replace them with zeros. For example, instead of 16923456, go for 17000000.
    - High trade volume can cause errors too. Just try your transaction again, maybe up the fee a bit, and you'll be good to go!

  • We are live in Twitter and Telegram!

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/WormJimBNB

    Telegram: https://t.me/WormJimportal

  • Forget those other meme coins chasing quick bucks. Worm Jim Coin ($JIM) is about building real wealth with a community that cares about the cosmos. We're talkin' DeFi features, eco-friendly partnerships, and hilarious memes that'll make you rich (well, maybe not bank-rich, but definitely intergalactic-space-station-rich). Join the green revolution and hodl on tight for a wild ride!